We’re a media and information consortium–a social network, of sorts. Imagine a ragtag group of professional misfits that tactically tinker, racing chaos. This is our lab.

We believe centralization is antithetical to human nature. Our focus is on tribe- and community-sized systems, networked and federated, creating a medium that’s shaped like our lives and infrastructure–not constrained, contorted and supplanted by a third-party’s nefarious interests.

Privacy is power! Own your digital selves, relationships and attention. The Internet is a place of connection, exploration and growth–not conspicuous consumption and societal deconstruction.

Toward that end, BitMa!st makes use of and supports a variety of freely available independent systems, such as: Mastodon, Pixelfed, PeerTube, Funkwhale, Discourse, ArchiveBox, GitLab, Lemmy, SearX, Cachet, InvoicePlane, Nextcloud, Element, Jitsi, Owncast, CryptPad, Zerobin.

Our membership spans a breadth of talent and expertise, encouraging a confluence of diverse thought. Quite simply, our aim is to advance humanity–tribe by tribe.

We’re perpetually seeking those with unbridled ambition to join our feedback loop.

Keen to get started? Reach out.