Terms of Service

BitMa.st has been created as a place to freely discuss all types of issues without fear of censorship or unfair penalties. We allow all types of discussion to occur, including those surrounding controversial topics. The community can determine itself which posts are valuable, and ignore those which are not.

Protecting Free Speech

We believe that protecting a person’s right to voice their concerns and opinions is critical to the ongoing development of an open society. Some ideas can challenge long held and deeply entrenched viewpoints, but there is little point in trying to bury those ideas under censorship. A much better approach is to allow them to be aired, investigated and discussed at length in order to establish their validity. Some ideas may be nonsense, and time will eventually lead reasonable people to this conclusion, but others may be highly valid, relevant and valuable. It is those ideas that a society needs to identify, promote and accept. Truth always reveals itself over time, and we are here to assist those who seek it.

BitMa.st is not hosted in the European Union and does not recognize the authority of the European Union to govern the Internet, specifically BitMa.st.


The following guidelines are not a legal document, and final interpretation is up to the administration of BitMa.st. They are here to provide you with insight into our philosophy and content moderation policies.

As a courtesy, if you post images to BitMa.st that you didn’t create, please include credit to the creator, and preferably a link to the image’s source.

Accounts that automate their posting, including but not limited to bots and cross-posters from other social media, should mark automated posts as Unlisted instead of Public, unless you have the explicit consent of the administrators.

Any violations of United States Federal law may require internvention or moderation, at the discretion of BitMa.st’s administration.

These provisions notwithstanding, the administration of the service reserves the right to revoke any user’s access permissions, at any time, for any reason.


BitMa.st uses cookies to maintain your login session and for no other reason. BitMa.st stores your email address, which is used as your account name to log you in. Your email is not visible to anyone but the administrators of the site. We do not send you email unless you request it.

BitMa.st has no advertising partners. Because of the nature of a federated social network, we share your non-private posts with other servers. However, we do not share your personal data, or aggregated non-personal data, with anyone. We do publish statistical data about the entire body of BitMa.st users as a way for others to measure the health of our instance, but your individual information cannot be extracted from those figures.


Each user of BitMa.st retains all copyright to the original content of posts they make on BitMa.st. You may not make a copy for any purpose other than the normal functioning of ActivityPub federation and the RSS feeds generated by software of any content originally posted to BitMa.st without acquiring the affirmative consent of the administrator for each post you wish to copy. If you maintain a copy or depiction of any post that originated on BitMa.st, you must regularly check back with the server to determine whether that post has been changed or removed, and you must update your copy or depiction to reflect any changes to the post, or remove your copy or depiction if the post has been removed.

Help, I’ve been suspended!

If you were a BitMa.st user and your account was suspended:

BitMa.st’s moderators use account suspension as a measure of last resort. If we suspended your account, the decision was final, in part because we cannot recover your account; suspension irrevocably destroys all data associated with those accounts.